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By G B. on Sep 20, 2018

The worst technicians. Their technicians do not know how to put the car back together after their job is done. Unplugged my AC while putting a new stereo in my car before my road trip. Got back to them and they deny their issue. Had to take it to my auto shop that knows my car history in and out and they showed me how they unplugged my AC and tucked the plug with their sound system wires. The worst part is the store personnel said I was lying about my AC and it must have been broken to begin with. When called them back about their mistake from what my mechanic showed me they still denied their fault. I just want my car working the way it was. Customer service is not their priority. Oh and I was livid for them not acknowledging the fact that my car has an issue after their work. I got loud because I have never been told that I was lying when I have a real issue with my car. Even when my mechanic showed me that they did make a mistake I was still treated like I was making this stuff up. Save your time and dignity. Go elsewhere! In the pictures shows the AC plug that was tucked in with stereo wires and how it was missing from the AC electric unit. Pictures are taken by my mechanic at Hinsdale Auto.

By Evan Melton on Sep 09, 2018

Got 2 headrests and a drop down installed by them and they really out did themselves. Super clean looking install with leather headrests. Really tops off my truck great. Super happy with their work. I would definitely recommend this location!

By Mark L. on Sep 02, 2018

Went in today at 4:07pm and got 3 parts to have a friend install a stereo for me. Afterward I was driving home and my friend called me he said got the already got the parts. I returned to the store about 30 minutes after my purchase and the manager wouldn't give me a refund on my cash purchase, but I could get in-store credit. He did say that his boss would be in store on Tuesday and maybe he could give me a refund but it was unlikely. (Continuing to push the in-store credit) Horrible return policy. This is the 1st and last time I will be a customer at Quality Auto Sound.

By Che' Thompson on Aug 30, 2018

I’m happy I went into Quality Auto Sound for a second opinion after going to Car Toys in Aurora. When I went to Car Toys, I told the guy I thought my fuse was blown, the type of car I have and the size speakers, and that it happened once before, last year. We walked to my car, asked to see what was in my trunk, then proceeded to tell me that my speakers were too big for my car, and told me I should sell them, downgrade, and tried talking me into buying 2 brand new speakers and rewire my car. WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT THE FUSE. I left feeling discouraged and ready to sell my entire system... On my way home, I thought, let me see what Quality says. Thank God I did. Martin and Anthony had my car back beatin’ in less than ten minutes after Martin was able to look at the FUSE that was blown and determined that it had began to melt. That easy, and less than $20. I will never spend a dime at Car Toys for this reason. Thanks Guys!


Had a kicker hideaway sub installed under my passenger seat on 8/3. The guys really went out of their way to make it work even though it was a tight, tricky install. The cost was extremely reasonable and everything turned out great

By Shawnda Fitzpatrick on Aug 23, 2018

Asked about car alarms and they were very helpful.

By Andre Jackson on Aug 18, 2018

They advertise 1 thing and then try to upsell you. Also the 1 dollar install is not on everything and it took much longer than they promised to complete. The work however was very good.

By Chris LeCrone on Aug 10, 2018

By Matthew Hooker on Aug 08, 2018

Took my car in to fix & the wiring and have a new radio CarToyz screwed up. Paid 1/10 the price. Works better than before. Definitely am taking my car back for more improvements!

By Gordie G. on Aug 06, 2018

I bought a Viper Security System, Remote Start Unit & Pioneer Stereo Sound System from the Manager Martin six years ago. I can't say enough good things about the installation , service & graciousness of the whole staff there!! They did an outstanding job & continue to provide great service whenever I have called on them for support & help in maintaining my system!! Many Thanks for all of the help Marty & his staff have provided over the years!! Great Job Guys!! Sincerely, Gordie G.

By Julian Lucero on Aug 06, 2018

They put a stereo in my girlfriend's car costed like 200 something dollars and the stereo sucks it supposed to Bluetooth your phone and it don't

By Antonet Martinez on Jul 16, 2018

By Jesus H. on Jul 09, 2018

My experience with Quality Auto Sound went great. Brandon One of the employees there did a great job on assisting me. He helped me pick out a great sound system for my first time. He made feel like family and did a great job on installing it. He never made me feel pressured to buy something and let me take my time on making my choice. Overall everything went great and I recommend people to go here.

By Jason Beach on Jul 07, 2018

Way overpriced you can get the same things online for way cheaper

By Jimbo Jones on Jul 01, 2018

Selection is limited and pricey compared to amazon or ebay. $550 for a radar detector that's $300 on amazon. Subwoofer were $499 and $299 online. It's time to start competing with the people stealing all your business.

By Keith W. on Jun 29, 2018

***QUALITY AUTO SOUND DAMAGED MY CAR FOR OVER 4000$ WORTH OF REPAIRS*** I went into quality auto sound a couple months ago to have a remote start installed in my wifes car. After paying nearly 400$ for a pretty standard remote start with a 1 year warranty, I thought I would be in good hands as this is my second vehicle I've had a remote start installed in at this location. My wife and I go to pick up the vehicle and the remote start works fine, but now the rear hatch wont open. So I take it back to the store and they keep it for a whole day so they can 'diagnose' the issue. Come in the next day to pick up the vehicle and they tell us that it's not their fault they didn't go near anything that would've made the trunk not open. At the time I was buying a house and moving and so on and so forth as life goes so i didn't pursue them for damages, but I discussed with Martin, the general manager, that I was going to take the car to the dealership and have their techs inspect it and determine if QAS was at fault, to which he replied that it would be no problem if I did that and that they would come down to the dealership and confirm with the techs whether they were at fault or not and foot the bill. I took the car to Tynans Nissan Aurora and they kept the car for 2 days and found a wire that was right next to QAS's remote start work that was cut, which is why the hatch was not working. They also found in the same area 5 other wires that were cut resulting in the need to replace the ENTIRE wiring harness racking up a grand total of 4,050.14$. I asked them to meet me at the dealership yesterday after my chiropractor and Martin said that was fine, but instead he snuck around the dealership first thing in the morning knowing I would not be there to discuss the problem and lied saying that he and a Nissan Tech had agreed that QAS was not at fault. Nissan has given me a written statement from their technician saying they believe QAS has damaged my vehicle. We are currently working through the process of taking them to small claims court as of today but I thought anyone reading would like to know that they are not a good choice for any of your needs.

By Bastian on Jun 28, 2018

AWFUL business and people here. If I could rate zero starts or even negative I would. These people sold me the wrong radio for my car and denied refund or exchange. After being help picking a radio I was GUARANTEED that it would fit my car and that they can get it installed the same day. Well after I purchased and left my car for them to do the work, I later get a call saying the radio would not work without a certain part that they do not sale and if I wanted to go buy the part for them it would be at Best buy And I would be given Store credit for the purchase and not money back. Already frustrated I was at Best buy getting help from the geek squad who informs me that the $25 part quality Auto Sound is wanting will not fix the problem, And that the radio that was sold would not fit my car unless I get a new dashboard. I immediately called Quality Auto Sound to tell them and they denied the accusation from the geek squad saying that it will work, and to come back with the part. Well I purchased the part dropped it off the SAME day. Get a call later saying hey the radio will NOT fit after all, and the only way to get it installed is if I get a whole new dashboard for my car which sells at my dealership for $200. After spending $500 for everything the extra $200 would out of my budget and not even necessary to spend if I wasnt lied by this company TWICE. This was all the same day but denied me a refund or even an exchanged for their products they JUST sold me. 100% nothing was my fault but I was lied to and Robbed of my hard working money. So now I have a brand knew radio sitting around. You guys are the absolute worst. DO NOT do business here.

By Ashley Huerta on Jun 16, 2018

Everyone we dealt with here was great! We went to another place (I won't put them on blast, but it rhymes with Shmest Why) before QAS to see what was available. We told the salesman we were in the market for new speakers simply to improve the quality of sound over that of our stock speakers. He tried to sell us a new touchscreen deck, speakers, an amp, and a sub. It was as if he didn't even listen to us. At QAS, we told Martin, the manager, what we needed and what our budget was. He showed us our options and explained each one thoroughly. He didn't try to sell us the most expensive product, nor did he try to sell us anything we didn't need or want. He was very knowledgeable and a straight shooter, not to mention he knew his history when it came to hip hop, which we very much appreciated! They got us in the same day and made sure we were happy with the work before we left. Start to finish, this was a great experience... we'll certainly be going back for our security system and remote start. Highly recommend this place!

By ER R on Jun 15, 2018

Phenomenal... They helped me completely rebuild my cars audio system. I highly recommend their professional install team... Highs are crystal clear and my bass is ruthless now... hooked me up with 12" Subs. BUMP BUMP. Professional staff and I was still able to get real with them. Knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. Everything works fantastically...

By Bob E. on Jun 01, 2018

(0) on Customer Service.. A friend lost the antenna mast, in a carwash, on my pickup truck. My friend felt guilty and went to this store, purchased a gift card for a replacement antenna. She was told that it would be a better antenna than the original. I made an appt. after he told me the same "It would be better than the original" They installed an in the car type antenna, not a mast type outside. There was tons of static on AM radio but FM was fine. The manager checked it out and said "We can do better than that, we'll replace it with another" They di, I assume but the static on AM radio was much worse, in fact no voices, just static, could be heard on any station. I went around the block and drove back in and said "Unacceptable" The manager said that's the best he could or would do. I asked for the antenna to be removed and the friends money to be refunded. "No" was his answer. He said" If you buy an outside mast antenna, I will install for free" I asked " would he refund my purchase price" again he said "NO". I went to another audio shop, I was told that the internal antenna he installed was for FM radio only, will not work on AM. So Quality Auto Sound knew it wouldn't work yet installed the improper antenna anyway and refused to refund. Refused any reasonable Customer Satisfaction. I expressed my dissatisfaction and told him that it was the worst Customer Service ever. He said "Tough Shit"

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